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Korina Mitchell Forever Focused AZ

About Korina

  • I grew up in the Chicago 'burbs, where I discovered my love of photography.
  • My husband, Bob, and I were married in Hawaii in 2006.
  • Bob and I started doing photos together when a mutual friend got married, and started a romantic and business partnership.

  • Bob has since stepped back from the business, but still steps in from time to time when we need an extra photographer.

  • In 2012, we moved to Arizona, and we purchased our first real home together in 2017.  No more apartment living!
  • We have two dogs, one large and one small (Kianna and Fitzy, respectively), who constantly entertain us!
  • I love to read mysteries, thriller, fantasy and romance books when I have the time and I'm not out taking photos.
Bill Hutton Forever Focused AZ

About Bill

  • My family and I are originally from Seattle, and yes, we still live on Starbucks coffee!  We moved to the Phoenix area in 2012.

  • My wife, Wendy, and I have nine children (several are adopted).  All but two have grown and left the nest.  

  • We have four Australian Shepherds, which we breed, as well as a kitten.

  • I'm a military veteran who served in the Army as a transportation specialist.

  • Wendy and I met Korina and Bob at a social gathering in 2013, and the four of us instantly hit it off.  We've all been best friends ever since.  

  • Korina and I both share a love of photography, so we enjoy working together to capture the memorable moments all around us.

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