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Thank you for visiting!

Welcome to our new website and our blog! Although this website is the latest addition on our path to growing our business, our love for photography is nothing new. For those of you who have been around us for a while, you probably knew us as Memorable Moments Imaging. After much thought, growth, and feedback from our clients and community, we've re-branded ourselves, and we're now relaunching our photography business under the name Forever Focused.

If you're new to us, we're so glad you're here! You'll learn a little about each of us, individually, on our "About Us" page, but this will give you a little history that's not mentioned there. Bob and I started our photography journey together when some mutual friends were getting married, but couldn't afford to hire a "real" photographer. We quite literally took our point and shoots with us, and we got quite a few shots they were happy with. Of course, looking back now, we cringe at the amateur skills we had, but what we learned was that we loved capturing those "memorable moments," which is how we got our original name. Even though the photos from those first shoots might not be the best quality (far from it), the emotions were so well-captured. And we quickly learned that by treating EVERY client like a friend, we made them want to come back for more.

Fast forward a few years, and in 2013, we met some people who quickly became our best friends - Bill and his wife, Wendy. We discovered that Bill shared our love of photos, and these days he often accompanies one or the other of us on our shoots. He's got a great creative side that only enhances what we're able to offer. Wendy's not involved in the business, but she supports our adventures together.

Over the years, we have upgraded and added to our equipment, and improved our skills. We still continue to learn new tricks of the trade and enhance or update our style as we grow. Today, we're more focused on providing the best service possible, and we plan to continue doing it forever. So that's how we got our NEW name!

And that's a little about how we came to be where we are now. Please browse the rest of our site, and contact us if you'd like more information or if you want to book a session. Check back often for new content on our blog. We really look forward to working with you!

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