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Family Photo Day

This past weekend, we did a family portrait session with Heather and her boys at Encanto Park. It was, as luck would have it, the hottest day of the week, so that presented its own set of challenges. Who wants to smile for photos when they're melting in the Arizona sun?

But we made the best of it, and tried to squeeze in a short session that provided some great shots. In addition to the heat, we were also battling really bright sun, which is not ideal for portraits, because it was still not quite the ideal "golden hour" lighting that comes before sunset. Thankfully, there are lots of good natural backdrops at that park, and Heather and kids were patient enough to allow us to work through the lighting settings and find the best posing locations at the park that provided some shade. They were great sports about the heat, and even stopped to buy an ice cream to cool down, adding another opportunity for a photo.

In the end, we got several shots that Heather just loved, which of course is always our goal - to make our clients happy! As the fall season draws near, and the holidays are just around the corner, maybe you're thinking of getting some family portraits done too. Just give us a call or click the "Book Now" page above to book your session!

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